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since Novmber 3, 1999
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So we are now at the threshold of the new millennium.  Back at the end
 of 1999,  we were bracing ourselves for the possibly apocalyptic Y2K issue.
Thank God, practically nothing happened.  We have weathered all that,
and now, feeling like new men and women, we are focusing on various 
challenges awaiting us in 2001.  The long-term challenge for the 21st
century would be to further spread democracy worldwide to create an environment
and infrastructures to enable the people on all the continents to use the latest
industrial and information technologies to raise their living standards and
truly civilize their societies, thus liberalizing some from poverty, racial
 prejudice, oppression of dictatorships or digital-divide.  

Now, starting to make new year's, well, new millennium's resolutions, 
we should work out our plans and schedules.

   Excel Calendar Stock Chart
- September 11, 2003 -

My first calendar website designed not to use Excel but only HTML,
for time management, is linked from here.  I am no expert on HTML,
as you see from this webpage, but will try to improve the website.
So please check it out for update from time to time.
- August 28, 2003 -

Here are some HTML files converted from Excel files: 
date & time duration calculation and expense report form
- November 13, 2003 -

   Time Management for academic support for the new semester
- April 27, 2003 -

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 So we need the calendar for 2001
and afterwordDon't look around for 
the calendars, though.  Here is the Excel Calendar for 200
4.  The date and 
occasion recorded in the list will be marked on the calendar with the date shown
 with the bold face and underbar.  The list is designed to allow updating the coming
 events -  anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc.  Now, holiday schedule of the USA
 for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 is listed.

By entering the year, 200
4, for example, in the cell G3,
 you can have the annual calendar of that year.
Or you may find it interesting to see the current month always shown on top.
Thus we see the time really flow.  How?  Just leave the cell blank. 
- December 27, 2002 -

Then how are the holidays of the US scheduled to compare with those of
other countries such as Australia, China, Islamic, Japan, Jewish and Korea?

Please find out with Excel International Holiday Schedule 2004

- February 18, 2003 -

Countdown in Excel for Your Events

- November 27, 2002 - Flight Wizard Fare Compare 468x60