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GOURMET NAVIGATOR IC farecards Suica and PASMO of JR-East Stiffened penalties for drunk driving -
The National Police Agency 
is effective Sept. 19, 2007


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YouTube - Funny- Hot Air Balloon / Balloon Festival

オモロ動画検索 サグールテレビ(

(Air Cargo)

Nittsu Narita tel. 0476-32-8031, fax. 0476-32-2468


Air Canada
Air China, for Beijing, Shanghai, etc.  03-5251-0711
Air France
Air India
Alaska Airlines
Alitalia Airlines  03-3580-2181  
All Nippon Airways (ANA)
American Airlines
Ansett Australia  03-5210-0791
Asiana Airlines, for Korea  03-3582-6600
Austrian Airlines  03-3597-6100

British Airways
Canadian Airlines International
Cathay Pacific Airways  03-3504-1531
China Airlines, for Taipei, Honolulu, etc. 03-3436-1661
Continental Airlines, not servicing US West Coast area, 03-5464-5050                              
Delta Airlines
Japan Airlines
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  03-3216-0771
Malaysia Airline  03-3503-5961
Korean Air  03-5443-3311
Lufthansa German Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Quantas Airways  03-3593-7000
Scandinavian Airlines System  03-5400-2331
Singapore Airlines
South African Airways  03-3470-1901
Thai Airways International
United Airlines
Varig Brazilian Airlines
Virgin Atlantic Airways


Ashikaga Bank Haga Branch, tel. 028-677-0311

(Calendar for Japan)

Calendar for Japan 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and so on


(Currency Converter)

Currency Converter by, The Currency Site

(Domestic Telephone Call)

Area code for Utsunomiya is 028, Tokyo 03, Osaka 06, etc. 
Lookup Area Codes and useful information on Japan with TOWNPAGE Japan
Telephone Directory
of NTT

NTT EAST English Homepage



The police, tel. 110, when you are involved in traffic accidents, violence, including burglary,
sexual assault, and other criminal acts.

Fire/Injury, tel. 119, for fire engine and ambulance mobilization.      


Municipal Emergency for Nighttime and Weekend/Holiday
Internal medicine, pediatrics and dentistry, tel. 028-625-2211;
address: Takebayashi-machi 968
Reference: Emergency Night and Holiday Clinic '<' Utsunomiya City Guide for Everyday Living (Utsunomiya City) 

Saiseikai Utsunomiya
, tel. 028-626-5500; location
Emergency nighttime tel. 028-626-5599
Kokuritsu Ryoyosyo Utsunomiya Higashi tel. 028-673-2111, fax. 028-673-6148; location
Other hospitals
  Tochigi Emergency Medical Information System  

(Hotels ) 
*: rating

Est Inn, tel. 028-638-5555 fax. 028-638-5947 ; location  
Est inn is a budget hotel as well as weekly condominium, its room rate starting from 6,000 yen
Online reservations are made at (only in Japanese).  

Hotel Chisan Utsunomiya
, tel. 028-634-4311 ; location  

Hotel Fair City is renamed as Utsunomiya Port Hotel,
Oct. 1, '07,  tel. 028-632-7777 fax.
028-632-0200 ; location

Hotel Higashi Nihon, tel. 028-643-5555; location   *  
Hotel Sunroute Utsunomiya, tel. 028-621-3355; location 
Hotel Sunshine, tel. 028-633-0123 ; location    
Hotel Tobu Grande, tel. 028-627-0111; location   **
Toyoko Inn Utsunomiya, tel. 028-624-1045
Richmond Hotel, formerly Roynet Hotel Utsunomiya, tel. 028-610-8822
Utsunomiya Grand Hotel, tel. 028-635-2111; location   ***  
Narita Airport Washington Hotel, tel. 0476-35-5511 fax. 0476-35-3002
Hotel Sunroute Tokyo, Shinjuku, tel. 03-3375-3211 fax. 03-3379-3040   **
  Check-in 2:00PM;  Check-out 11:00AM

Immigration Office

tel. 028-600-7750
Hon-cho Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Pref.    Immigration Bureau of Japan

Internet & "Top US & International Headlines" "My Stock Tracker" "Web Search Google"

AT&T Business Internet Services - Home

(International Telephone Call)

When calling from outside Japan, dial 001-81 followed by the area code without zero,
for example, for the area code of 028 for Utsunomiya used in Japan, dial just 28 after 001-81  

When calling from Japan,
   To place an international call through NTT, dial 0033 followed by 010 and country code.
KDDI   To place an international call through KDDI, dial 001 followed by 010 and country code.

The following "myline" phone companies*1 are also available.  Start with their specific numbers

followed by 010 and country code:

      MCI WorldCom Japan    0071
      Cable & Wireless IDC    0061
      T-Systems Asia Pacific*  0080    *Renamed from German Telecom in Jan. 2002       
      Japan Telecom        0041
      Tokyo Denwa            0082
      Fusion Communications        0038
      Plala                            009191   (dial 009192-33 for enquiry)
      MEDiA                       0080

    *1 Telephone numbers to contact the companies above with enquiry for MYLINE service,
which allows you to select your company for both domestic and international calls.

KDDI International Telephone Information "Toll free, 24hrs/day"  tel. 0057
KDDI Information for overseas calls - Fiscal Year 2001
KDDI New Area Codes for USA

International Holiday Calendar

Time Difference 

(Language Institutes; English/Japanese/Other Language Schools)

Kuhio Net tel./fax. 028-634-2110 
英会話・TOEIC 日本語(Japanese Language Lesson)   中学&高校英語・大学受験
英検:( Step World ステップワールド英語スクール    宇都宮中央教室>)
Location    メールアドレス

Utsunomiya English Center (UEC), tel. 028-624-0665  fax. 028-621-5167


Nissin Transport (Tochigi), tel. 028-677-4884
Nissin Transport (Tokyo), tel. 03-3238-6514 fax. 03-3238-6518
Nissin Transport (Air cargo, Baraki, Chiba), tel. 047-327-7950


The place to be for leisurely shopping plus new films, American and Japanese, is
the new Fukudaya ('FKD'), or FKD Shopping Mall Inter Park - so called because of
its location by Kaminokawa Interchange of the new route 4.  Among the tenants are
Starbucks Coffee and Nike Store.

The movie theater, MOVIX, shows some ten latest movies at once in a single cinema
complex.  Check the titles and timetable.  Offers an optional account to purchase tickets 

Shopping mall, "Bell Mall", completed in October 2004, has a movie theater, "Toho Cinemas, which was opened on June 19 prior to the completion of Bell Mall.  The theater runs the movie titles as hot
and the latest as those of MOVIX. 
Check the titles and timetable and purchase tickets online for reserved seats. 


Japanese Postal Service Yubin Homepage
Postal Services of the Japan Post, established in 2003
Guide to living in Tochigi -Daily life-
Postal code and English spelling of the towns in Excel file.

(Renta Car)
Japan Renta Car, tel. 028-634-7160, fax. 028-639-3599
Orix Renta Car, tel. 028-627-0543
X Renta Car, tel. 028-637-1140

(Translation & Attendance/Guide Services in Japanese/English/Other Languages)

Kuhio Net, tel./fax. 028-634-2110  Location

(Used Honda Cars)
Auto Terrace, Ohtsuka, tel. 028-654-1616 

(Road Service & Driving)

Japan Automobiles Federation (JAF)
Switching Overseas Driver's License to Japanese License
The National Police Agency's proposal to stiffen penalties for drunk driving (January 2007)

Drunk Driving, "daiko" < IUJ > Student Services > Driving & Car Concerns



Rating: *

Gasyuden, Chinese, tel. 028-632-7722; Location bihind the Toyo Bowling; beer Suntory; location **

Aix-en-Provence grand-caf'e
, tel. 028-632-9119; 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM; closed on Monday  *

Shanghai Restaurant, Chinese,  tel. 028-638-7771; beer (Super Dry) free serve, or nomihodai for additional payment of 500 yen to 3,000 yen for a course menu per head; 5:30 PM - 11:00PM  *

Sunchan, Korean barbeque, or yakiniku, tel. 028-636-7791; location opposite Tsutaya across the intersection; quality beef, karubi, 1,000 yen per plate; beer Suntory 700 yen per large jug, or "nama dai"; 5:00 PM to 3:00 AM * (photo, below)


Shocking Fun, Asian cuisine and pub, tel. 028-636-1625; beer Suntory open every day; last order 2:00 AM Monday to Thursday, 3:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings, 12:00 midnight Sunday;  location *

Curry Tajmahal, tel. 028-638-2411; closed on Tuesday

Yasuno, tel. 028-667-7382; closed on Monday ** (photo, above)

Suntory Beer's Gourmet Guide for restaurants serving fresh Suntory in the Utsunomiya Area.  Among them, "Yamazaki is about 10 minuits walk from JR Utsunomiya Station west entrance, opposite the bowling alley 'Toyo Bowl'.
The restaurants, or more precisely izakaya, serve drinks like pubs but cater to the gastronomic needs of the customers who may order something to go well with the drinks. 

(Discount Liquor Shops for Suntory Beer)

Price at Yamaya   
998 yen for a pack of 6-can Malt's 350ml;       3,680 yen for a box of 24-can Malt's 350ml 
1,180 yen for a pack of 6-can Malt's Super Rremium 350ml;     4,580 yen for a box of 24-can Malt's Super Rremium 350ml

Seijo Ishii, whose chain of stores in the Tokyo area is reputed for select food and wine,
has a shop at Paseo in JR Utsunomiya Station. But they don't offer discount for price of Suntory Beer.                                


Motor Sports and Amusement Park Twin Ring Motegi
  Map: Aerial View of the Twin Ring Motegi Area

Rugby match, 'Top League's 2006 season: N/A, at Green Stadium, Kiyohara Industrial Park

Central Fitness Club tel. 028-627-1321


Taxi Kantoh Kohtsu, tel. 028-633-8181   Taxi Hokuto Kohtsu, tel. 028-633-1161   

Taxi Daikoh, tel. 028-635-2653
Drunk Driving, "daiko"


Buses to and from Narita Airport (Now, Busstop #5 at Terminal 1, #10 at Terminal 2; Airlines at which terminal?; Narita Airport    
Purchase a ticket, 4,070 yen, at Keisei Counter); The bus is called "Marronnier Bus", or "
Departure time from Narita Airport:
Departure time from Utsunomiya Station (location): 

How to park your car and get on the bus to Narita Airport

Guide of Kanto Bus and JR Bus: Timetable and chart of busstops at JR Utsunomiya Station by destination, including Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Shinjuku, Osaka, Kyoto and Twin Ring Motegi.  Take JR bus to go to Twin Ring Motegi, from busstop #3 at JR Utsunomiya Station West Exit.

Japan Travel Phone
Utsunomiya Tourist Information Center in JR Utsunomiya Station, tel. 028-636-2177

JR East Infoline (English, Korean and Chinese), tel. 050-2016-1603
10 AM - 6 PM (except year-end and new year holidays)

Saturday Sightseeing Bus Tour to Utsunomiya from Tokyo

Utsunomiya-city and JTB, Japan's top tour operator, will jointly start a package sightseeing tour by bus from Tokyo on July 26.  The bus will leave JR Shinjuku Station at 8:30AM, tour the Utsunomiya area to visit such sightseeing spots as Oya quarry, famous for its Oya stone that the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright used to design his masterpiece in Japan, Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, and organize an occasion to experience cooking gyoza, Utsunomiya's specialty food, before leaving for Shinjuku at 6:00PM, estimated arrival time at Shinjuku being 8:00PM.

This day package tour is priced at 5,000 yen.  And if you cannot resist staying on, the package offers a stay at hotel for the night - you will enjoy a night in spots of weekend local hangouts - followed by tour in the nearby towns of Mashiko with its local railway featuring SL trains and Motegi, where you will experience making soba noodle, before leaving for Shinjuku, estimated time of arrival being 7:30PM, Sunday.  This one-night package tour is priced at 9,800 to 16,800 yen.  Until November 8.  Contact JTB Sun-Sun (tel. 03-5245-5566).  (Nikkei Jun. 17, 2003)      

Train Connection to Tokyo at JR local train Utsunomiya Station

"" provides weekday- and weekend- minute to minute timetable for local trains to Tokyo, mostly bound for Ueno but including express "Rabbit"and weekday morning commuting train for Shinjuku, "Ohayo Tochigi and back, Hometown Tochigi, which leaves Shinjuku at 5:57PM every day.  

Ueno, the connecting point for JR trains and subways,  is the gateway to go to cities and towns in Tokyo and Yokohama as well as Tokyo Station.

To go to Haneda Airport to fly to the major cities across Japan, take the green Yamanote
and the blue Keihin Tohoku Lines and take Tokyo Monorail at Hamamatsu Cho.

Tokyo Station is the hub of the shinkansen networks of regional JR companies of Tokai (for Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka,  Kobe, Hiroshima and Hakata, or Fukuoka), Niigata and Yamagata as well as Tohoku, which links Utsunomiya Fukushima and Sendai with Tokyo station.

Train Connection to Tokyo at JR shinkansen, or bullet train, Utsunomiya Station

"" provides weekday- and weekend- minute to minute timetable for shinkansen to Tokyo.

Connecting trains to Nikko  
Utsunomiya is the gateway to Nikko when you come from Tokyo by JR (another railway Tobu operates direct train services to Nikko, apart from those for Utsunomiya - they have Tobu Utsunomiya Station some 10 minutes by car to the west of JR Utsunomiya Station -, from Asakusa in Tokyo). Tobu Railway: Discount Pass for Foreigners

Mostly, unless your preference is the faster but the more expensive Shinkansen , you take Utsunomiya-sen,
or -line, from Ueno Station in Tokyo to Utsunomiya and transfer to local Nikko-sen: timetable.  

In addition, JR and Tobu jointly operate direct train services from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Nikko and back.  But Utsunomiya is not among the stations on its route.  

Timetable of trains for Nikko from Shinjuku as of Nov. 2006

JR-EAST: Press Release > Compatibility of Suica and PASMO Services to Commence in March 2007  
" — Will Allow Seamless Use of Public Transport in Tokyo Metropolitan Area — 
• East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Tokyo Monorail Co., Ltd., Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Co., Ltd., and PASMO K.K. (PASMO), will commence in March 2007 a joint "IC farecard compatibility service" that can be used by passengers traveling between points in their areas of operation. 
• The new service will allow passengers to ride trains and buses operated by JR East, private railway companies, and other operators in the Tokyo metropolitan area using a single IC farecard.   And so on"
  ( JR-East Dec. 21, 2005)

Japan Railways Seat Reservation Service - Shinkansen (Super Express), Narita Express -
online reservations -     Membership registration is required.  Reserve the seats on 
Shinkansen and Narita Express on the Internet, no less than 3 days and no more than 
1 month before the scheduled trip on the trains; JR East, which covers the Kanto region, 
including Tokyo and Utsunomiya, initiates this service for reservations for Shinkansen 
for Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, etc. and limits the booking offices 
for issuing tickets to the stations of JR East.  (Nikkei Dec. 12, 2001)

British Hills
- a miniature British village
80 minutes from Tokyo, 20 minuites from Utsunomiya by Shinkansen.
Get off at Shin Shirakawa station.

Romantic-mura - spacious leisure facilities, owned by Utsunomiya-city, well planned for the young and the old alike, including markets for local agricultural products and beer, spa, hiking trails in the woods and gardening/farming workshop.  It also has a restaurant featuring soba noodle, barbeque and local beer fresh from in-house brewery, called "ji-beer".  

 The barbecue restaurant offers a menue of barbecue and beverages, including Suntory Malt's beer, served as much as you request for a fixed price of 3,500 yen for men and 2,800 yen for women.  Ask for "tabe-hodai" and watch out, they limit last order to 90 minutes
after the grill fire is turned on or even may request you to finish and leave after 90 minutes.

Utsunomiya City Library - Utsunomiya City operates two libraries: 
City Library, at Akebono adjacent to Bunka Kaikan, or City Cultural Hall, close to Takiya-cho; closed on Friday;
tel. 636-0231; and
City Higashi, or East, Library, adjacent to City Higashi Community Center; 
Accessible from JR Utsunomiya Station East Exit by bus for Higashi Community Center (busstop just in front of Gyoza Statue); bus timetable; closed on Monday; tel. 638-5614

Utsunomiya City Museum - located to the northwest or 11-o'clock direction of JR Utsunomiya Station, it holds various exhibitions.  But it is an interesting architecture on its own light, surrounded by the spacious, scenic and sunny expanse of nature and the affluent residential community of Toyosatodai with Teikyo University's campus on the hill and amenities such as  the shopping center "Muse".  Some Americans, who are learning Japanese, are confused and think the name means a shop, or mise.  In my assumption, 
it is named after the nearby museum.  Utsunomiya City Museum is open 9:30 AM and closed 4:30 PM,  is closed on Monday.  The bus service is available from Utsunomiya Station West Gate, or Nishi Guchi, bus stop #5, leaving at 9:15, 9:55, 11:15, 11:42, 13: 15, 14:20 and 15:05.  It takes about 25 minutes via Toyosatodai and Teikyo University.

Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts - located to the west of JR Utsunomiya Station, 
10 minutes by bus, say 'bijutsukan ni ikimasuka?'; parking behind Ashikaga Bank

Tochigi Prefecture Government ("Tochigi Kencho")
tel. 028-623-2323
Guide of Tochigi Prefecture for foreign residents: Foreign Resident Registration ("alien registration", gaikokujin toroku); Name-seal Registration (inkan, or hanko, toroku); Re-entry Permit; etc. 

Utsunomiya City Hall ("Utsunomiya Shiyakusho") tel. 028-632-2222
Alien Registration, tel. 028-632-2263;
Counseling for domestic issues, including domestic violence, tel. 028-636-5731, and marriage intermediary, tel. 028-636-5730;
Counseling for gender  issues, including women's forum programs, tel. 028-636-5731;
Community Conference Facilities, for meetings, cooking and musical circles or playing Japanese chess, or shogi, and go 

Sports Facilities
, for gyms and weight-training

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